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Logistics Solutions
We support our customers optimize their supply chain actions, advance service and visibility as well as accelerate their shipments.


Through careful management the aim is to increase the ability of suppliers to deliver goods on time, compliant and within specific delivery windows.

Our lead logistics solutions include performance management tools, that alert and predict out of tolerance perimeters. Once assessed, corrections can be put into action to maintain promised commitments. Our tools measure order, transport and carrier performance and provide scorecards to proactively address areas for improvement or change.

We cover:
Recognising and mitigating potential threats, risks, and hazards
Evaluating and measuring suppliers and service providers
Developing, testing, documenting, and maintaining business continuity plans
Analysing the potential business impact of supply chain disruptions

We go beyond the measuring of performance to establish root causes, implement change management programs and improve overall performance.


Faced with shorter product lifecycles, increased customer expectations, fluctuating inventory levels and changing costs we can help you shift from being efficient to becoming truly responsive. This can be done across a range of functions, but is particularly beneficial when products are fulfilled in Build to Order fulfilment solutions.

Lead logistics solutions has developed Time Dependency Monitoring Alerts (TDMA) that monitors the following:
Supplier Order Commitment
LSP Transit Time to Actual Transit Time
Customs Processing Timelines
Product Handling, Consolidation, Drayage timelines
Inventory Level Monitoring
Customer/Sales Order Commitment

Through operational processes and continuous improvement programs, lead logistics solutions initiate optimisations and help build a truly competitive edge.


New networks can be managed through our Logistics Control Centers (LCC's) for high growth regions to facilitate process commonality from one region to another.

We define flexibility as:
Logistics flexibility – the ability to cost effectively receive and deliver product as sources of supply and
  customers change (customer location changes, globalisation, and postponement).
Supply flexibility - the ability to reconfigure the supply chain, altering the supply of product in line with
  customer demand
Organisational flexibility – the ability to align labor force skills to the needs of the supply chain to meet
  customer service/demand requirements.
Information systems flexibility – the ability to align information system architectures and systems with the
  changing information needs of the organisation as it responds to changing customer demand.


Lead Logistics Solutions has measurement tools that monitor and report these costs to support our continuous improvement programs for our customers. We have the ability to apply costs to an order or inventory item to allow customers to understand the true costs at the product level.

We classify monitor and report costs in the following classifications:
Inventory Carrying Costs
Transport Costs by Mode (incl. express shipments)
Warehouse and Distribution Costs by activity
Brokerage Costs
Claims Costs
Management Costs

Our Continuous Improvement Programs give you the ability to measure these costs and apply opportunity analysis methodology to introduce new solutions and services that reduce overall supply chain costs.


Raw materials, components and sub-assemblies can have their supply chains optimised to improve inventory turns and enable direct shipment solutions. This is particularly relevant for all build to order and build to stock products.

Lead Logistics Solutions has provided our customers with new management strategies and operating tools to safely reduce inventory. We have introduced programs that integrate transportation management with Inventory Management Supply Chains. The result is more efficient deployment and greater savings.

Some of the Inventory Management Services offered:
Inventory Visibility for product at Rest and in Motion
Inventory Optimisation and Buffer Management (Dynamic Buffer Calculations based on Demand)
Automated Replenishment Management
Vendor Managed Inventory Replenishment Solutions
Virtual Title Management